Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Wrap Up

Well, last night what the "Birthday Bash Wrap Up". It was such a great night. It seems like a bit much after having two full days of work and more time than I like away from GG, but it was totally worth it. Wicked is an amazing show! I didn't even know what the story line was but I've been listening to the soundtrack all week. Ah, I just loved the show. Our evening started with Sushi at Blue Fin- it was OH-SO-YUMMY! I haven't had sushi in some time now and man it was worth the wait. Oh, and who knew GG was such a spinach fiend? She probably scarfed down like a full cup of greens. Oh, and edamame was a fave for her too. Here are some pics I wanted to share from last night.

It was a great night. Tia Sonia, Leanna, Tia Annie, Tio Richard, Andrew, Krystal, Baby Guy, and of course The Blah Blah "Nana" came to celebrate! Thanks to Krystal & Drew for the awesome ticket to a great show!!! :o)