Monday, September 29, 2008

Jungle Time!

Okay. GGs bday is going to be Da Bomb-Diggity. I put the final touches on her hand made centerpeices and decorations tonight. Its just sooo adorable. I can't wait. is throwing her a birthday party after I offered to bring her down there on her actual birthday since that is "their" day anyway. They usually have supervised visits in my home so this will be a treat for them. I just know GG is going to get so spoiled. One party at our house the day before her birthday and one party at her dad's house on her birthday.

I started cleaning and sorting today and I am selling a TON of stuff on craigslist. Perfectly good toys. But we have WAY too many around here. I also rearranged GG's room to accomodate her cousin NayNay since she and her brother JJ are living with us now. GG just loves having them here...its crowded around here these days since NayNay and JJ are 3 & 4 years old. But its a lot of fun. Okay. I must finish with my craigslist posts...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is there anybody out there?

I know, its been a month. How time flies. I can come up with a million excuses but lets just catch up instead. ;o) Darling GG will be 1 in TWO WEEKS! She is budding three brand new teeth to add to her pair of chompers. She is full blown walking all around the place. I seriously can't keep up! She is one feisty little girl, might I add. We've finally got a great routine down as far as work and daycare and school goes.

My job is going so well. I love what God is doing in our Children's Church and its wonderful to be a part of it. SInce I've been so busy I haven't been keepin up with my fellow mommies on all my boards and it makes me really sad. Seems silly to miss people you don't truly know at all and live clear across the country. But I do. Its so out of my routine now...I'll have to find a way to keep up with everyone at least once a week.

GG and I have been staying with family for over a week now and we are finally back home! Praise the Lord! It was so awful trying to get her to sleep in a strange place. She took wonderful naps and went down for bed at her normal time with no crying today. She missed her bedroom, thats for sure.

Well. Glad to be back.