Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1 year

Its been one year since I've been living in this tiny little place of a home. As I look around I realize we have made it home. Its the tiniest house I've ever been in, I think. Its perfect. I'm thinking of planting a garden outside. I have all the seeds ready, and compost is done ready to go, but I need to get moving on digging up the rocks. Soon.

Life is seriously amazing. God is gracious as always and each day I'm reminded about how much I need Him. I hope I never feel like I have it all together. Growth is reliant upon meekness, I think.

Recently, I had the honor of having a friend come stay with me for a week. I agreed to have her stay in my house and I had never met her! A facebook connection from New Zealand, believe it or not. I was so blessed, we had some awesome time together. She and her companion were huge blessings to me while they were here. They are missionaries serving in Central America right now...and they helped fan an already burning flame for missions in my heart. Stay tuned for whats to come with Blah Blah Momma & GG in the distant future.

School is going great! I've excelled in all of my classes. Online school is the way to go for me! I also have a new job teaching art classes to toddlers and elementary children. Its an awesome job. My other job is still going great and I'm quite busy preparing for VBS this summer. I can't wait. I was born to do stuff like this.