Sunday, November 30, 2008


This is what I hear from the other side of GG's door right now.....

No! No-No....No No No........No! No. No. No no no no. No-Noooo.

and so on...

LOL, she has been saying no for the past few minutes since I put her to bed. Its hillarious and adorable. Oh yeah, she has learned how to say "no" and "mine". Its greaaaaaaat.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I had a great coversation today.

I was at the oil change place (you know the one where they give you a *free* car wash, but really just charge you an arm & a leg for the oil change?) Anyhoo, I was sitting there drinking my diet coke and along came this man and come to think of it, I never even caught his name. Anyway he was the sweetest 95 year old man I've ever met in my life and we had a great coversation. He kept apologizing for "boring" me but I really enjoyed him. It made me think of my late grandpa Paul. He was such a kind soul and I really would love to have a conversation with him. I feel like I missed out big time on his life. I really wish he was still around.

GG and I went to Gymboree this morning and had such a blast, we just started going and I think she's getting the hang of it. She loves Gymbo and loves to climb on everything. Kids have it made these days. ;o)


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life in Action

Life is crazy busy these days. I just can't wait until this semester is over. 15 units I wont do again soon. I was supposed to take 17 next but I've trimmed it down to 9- well, maybe 12. I have this idea that if I have a few hours left in a day I need to be filling them up with something. So, I'll work on that- 9 or 12...either way its okay.

I pretty much love my life right now. No matter what troubles I've got going on its an amazing feeling to have this awesome chick always by my side. She is hillarious these days. Sometimes we just sit and banter back and forth (she, in her baby babble) and we just crack up at each other. She really is a great kid.

My moving out plans have stretched out a little bit. I think I need to wait at least a year. My three year plan might be stretching it a little too much....I dont think any of us could make it that far. Three kids under 5 years old and three adults is way too many people in one house...

Okay- so here are the words GG says these days:

Eye (and points to either nose or
Agua (a-wa)
Ow (and she pinches herself)

Well, those are her favorite words as of late. She also is pretty darn good at giving kisses and blowing kisses- its adorable. Instead of signing "please" with her hand on her chest she signs "please" with her hand on her hip....its cute.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Single Mommas...

I'm in awe of those that have gone before me. Single moms, that is.  I'm beginning to realize how much support I receive from my friends and family and while I appreciate it so much I'm beginning to feel like I need to fly. The nest, that is. My original plan of three years staying at home with M & D sounded good but I realize that GG and I need a home of our own. We need our own space. Even if its a room that we share together- it'll be ours.

Dave Ramsey keeps telling me I'm making a bad financial decision and that I should stay and save save save.'s how I look at it.

I put myself here. I'm a single mom because of the choices I made. While I'm thankful for the help I've received I no longer am comfortable being supported. I work hard. Really hard. And I want to feel like what I have, I've earned. Everything. That may sound silly. But to me its not. I don't know how soon this is going to take place. I'm looking at in the next 1-6 months though. Six months would be ideal but I'm going to sit and pray on it and if a place opens up that fits us I may jump on it.

We may only be able to afford a room. But with the right roommates (I'm thinking another single mom with a young toddler) then it just might work. As long as GG has common areas to share with another child I think we'd be okay sharing a bedroom.

I'm really scared about this. I don't know exactly why. I suppose it would feel less scary if I was graduated from school and everything but the reality is that wont happen for at least two point five years. Thats too long. I'm scared about GG being completely dependent on me. I know I can do it, thats not what I'm scared of. I guess I'm just scared of the difficulties it will bring.

Well, please pray for me as I consider this new plan.