Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Tu-Tus

Its been tu-tu mania around here while I've been putting together the girls' Christmas tu-tus. This will be their Christmas outfits for this year. They are adorable and thought I should share my creations. :)

Nay-Nay will be wearing white w/red roses....

GG will be wearing red w/white roses <3
I'm a little partial to the white one- I love the larger roses on the waistband, but the red one is so adorable on GG. So I have found that I adore making these little things <3 I see many more in my future. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jeune Girl Crafts <3

So over a year ago I was on the search for the *perfect* little letters for my darling GG's bedroom wall. I searched and searched and finally found Jeune Girl . I ordered the most adorable hand decorated letters from her and it didn't stop there. Over the past year Meg @ Jeune Girl has supplied me with a dozen or so other delicious items which she hand made. I've ordered a couple of super cute frames, a a wooden CD holder, multiple scrapbook pages (you must check them out, so awesome) , very unique accordion scrapbooks, and she is working on Christmas pages and a Christmas frame for me right now.

I just thought I should share her site with everyone because her shop is just awesome, and so is she! She will work with any theme you want, and really strives to make you happy. Working with her is so fun and I'm always excited to see what she comes up with. I sent her a picture of GG's crib bedding and she matched it perfectly with her frame, CD holder, and name letters. They are  adorable and everyone that has seen them thinks so.

You must check her out and see what things you want to order for Christmas this year, all of her items make for amazing gifts *ahem* I loooooove her stuff, so if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas..........just kidding...(or not) but you should mosie on down to her site and take a look, I'm sure you can find something you love <3

Saturday, December 6, 2008


When I look back on the past, let's say....7 years, I struggle to even recognize the person I once was. I suppose that is what they call "growing up," right? Some things change...drastically, but some things do not change at all. Some things I would never want to change.

If you know me, (and I mean know me well) you know my life and how imperfect it has been. You know all...well most of my mistakes.I have found that the past is something I used to talk about often, as if I were trying to re-live it constantly. You know the moment you have truly move forward in life, its when you stop talking about and dwelling on the past.

       2002                           2008

I truly look forward when I think about my life and I only see wonderful things for me in years to come.

I have accepted me for me and can not imagine having a different past then the past I lived. Hard times came and came and went. Some brought upon by own horrible choices, and some brought upon by well- life.

On the nearing eve of 2009 here is my self-assessment:

I am still a hopeless romantic
I have become an idealist, craving balance- to a fault.
I am still messy.
I love organization and organizational devices.
I am addicted to caffeine.
I do way too many things at once.
I have become painfully optimistic.
I can still get an attitude, baby. ;)
I still care deeply for people.
I really don't like animals that much (I'm sorry!)
I have become extremely content.
I still hate doing laundry.
I still procrastinate.
I have become extremely passionate about God.
I am extremely proud of my life and what I've become.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Little Kid.

Man...she is just the cutest, little, most scrumptious, delicious, button of a kid. ;)