Saturday, December 6, 2008


When I look back on the past, let's say....7 years, I struggle to even recognize the person I once was. I suppose that is what they call "growing up," right? Some things change...drastically, but some things do not change at all. Some things I would never want to change.

If you know me, (and I mean know me well) you know my life and how imperfect it has been. You know all...well most of my mistakes.I have found that the past is something I used to talk about often, as if I were trying to re-live it constantly. You know the moment you have truly move forward in life, its when you stop talking about and dwelling on the past.

       2002                           2008

I truly look forward when I think about my life and I only see wonderful things for me in years to come.

I have accepted me for me and can not imagine having a different past then the past I lived. Hard times came and came and went. Some brought upon by own horrible choices, and some brought upon by well- life.

On the nearing eve of 2009 here is my self-assessment:

I am still a hopeless romantic
I have become an idealist, craving balance- to a fault.
I am still messy.
I love organization and organizational devices.
I am addicted to caffeine.
I do way too many things at once.
I have become painfully optimistic.
I can still get an attitude, baby. ;)
I still care deeply for people.
I really don't like animals that much (I'm sorry!)
I have become extremely content.
I still hate doing laundry.
I still procrastinate.
I have become extremely passionate about God.
I am extremely proud of my life and what I've become.


VP Cosmetics said...

I love who you have become. Amber, you have blossomed into such a beautiful person inside and out! I love you always and am always so proud of you.
You are a fantastic mother and an amazing friend. I thank God everyday for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud to be your cousin, and I'm so happy to have you in my life. I couldn't imagine a better person then you Amber, and i wish there were more like you in this world. Great things are a comin'! Here's to 2009 and making sure we go to the gym LOL!

Tera said...

Wow!! Gorgeous then and now photos, Amber!!

Shoot me an email when you get a chance... I am going to find a new host for your background graphic. :) I just need your Blogger username and password and I will take care of it for will take me just two secs and you won't have to do a thing. ;)

Take daughter is more beautiful in every photo that you post.

God bless. jason and tera at gmail dot com