Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Little Lover...

Tonight I got my final paper done for my summer class. Went smoother than I thought it would and I whipped it up just like mashed potatoes! ;o)

I need to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. Oops, its already 11pm isn't it? *sigh* I've got this terrible insomnia that makes me look like I'm a cast member of that movie "Night of the Living Dead" Ew. Someone actually told me "You don't look good" the other day. I think she meant well..hmm.

Anyhoo, anyone have any insomnia remedies? Because I'm back to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I was doing so well with that too. Aye Aye Aye. Oh well.

Anyway as I get ready for bed, enjoy a pic of my GG and her "little lover" ways. ;o)

That little lover of mine has been giving hugs to everyone and everything- thats her with Little Iz's water baby dressed as a duck. ;o)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gonna be a busy day...

Well right now I've got two napping baby girls (well, "napping" is used loosley 'round these parts lately...GG is babbling to herself as we speak...) and in a few hours I'll have a toddling almost-two-year-old here too. I miss she's gona come visit today with us and we'll have a house full of girls.

But while the wee ones are napping I'll take this time to talk about the latest fun fact in my life. Well...I suppose it depends on what you call "fun". I just started doing the "Real Money Makeover" with Dave Ramsey. I got the audio book and listened to it all in a few days. I tell ya, this a genius. In just a few weeks I feel like I've got so much more peace about my finances than I have in a while. I actually have $$ in the savings account and I'm getting out of debt. Yes! And the best part? I know where my money is going every more asking myself "what the HECK did I spend all that dough on?" (hehe)

So the "fun" for me in following the RMM is that I get to "organize" my $$...yes I'm an organizing, compartimentalizing freak (is that a word?) anyhow...each month when I get paid I take the $$ and deposit whatever I need to pay in bills into my bank (exact amount) and then I deposit a savings for the month as well. Then with the left over cash I divvy it up in my "cash envelopes" I use envelopes for gas, food, entertainment, christmas savings, toiletries, entertainment, clothing...hmm what else? Can't remember- sleep deprived. Anyhow, once the $$ is gone for that particular category, its done! No more spending.

Sounds simple, right? But you know, I actually spend a lot LESS money. There is something about cash that when it leaves your hand it makes so much more of an impact than if you are swiping a card- so in consequence, I spend less.

Anyhoo- thats just one part of the RMM, I look forward to sharing more tidbits with you all later. For now, I must go "de frump" myself. ;o)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Long 'ol day...

Little GG and I had a long 'ol day today. Started out with my excellent, super-napper not wanting to nap this morning (not good after mommy was up all night writing a review on the Be Spicy..LOL) and so I decided it was an outing day for us. Started with coffee with my mom's group. You know, I'm really glad I found those girls. They make life less boring. :o) I acquired a ton of new ways to save money at the grocery store and got a lot of good girl gab in. We strolled around the mall and chit chatted as people gawked at our "wall of strollers" filled with bouncing baby girls. Got a deal on some super sale items at Children's Place (such a splurge since I'm a total DaveRamseyHOLIC now see: Real $$ Makeover)...and then headed to the bank, home, dinner, bath...and finally bed. Baby girl had no naps today poor baby and passed out at 6pm!

Phew! I'm dedicating myself to watching A&E for the rest of the night. On right now: Intervention. Good show, must watch..............

55% off Signing Time DVDs

WooHoo! Just ordered me a signing time DVD- although I was very sad to see the first two already sold out! Bummer! Check it out at!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spicy Spicy!

So I've had this Be Spicy Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag for about two weeks now. I simply love it. Oh- and did I mention I got it *brand spankin' new* and free? Yep. Cost me zip. zero. zilch.

The wonderful makers of Ju-Ju-Be have something called the "Real Mom Giveaway" instead of giving bags away to celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Demi Moore...they give them away to little 'ol mommas just like me! I've been entering this contest since January and I finally won!! Plus the website where you enter the contest (The Pink Room) has a great group of mommies who swap ideas from a-z, and they are super nice too! Check them out!

So anyhow- this bag- WOW its amazing. If you've never tried a Ju-Ju-Be bag then you must. Great news too...the Pink Room has a forum to buy/sell/trade JJBs and I've found some awesome deals on some great bags! But I was overwhelmed with joy to receive this gem in the mail compliments of Ju-Ju-Be. What a great company. They really love their customers! Their bags are simply to die for. Cute prints (and solids!) and AMAZING features.

My Favorite Features on the "Be Spicy":

*Exterior & Interior that practically cleans itself*
has anti-bacterial agents in it! and bright lining!

*Insulated Bottle/Sippy Pockets*
fits most every sippy

*Great Mommy Pocket!*
which includes: microfiber sunglasses pouch, padded cell phone pocket, stretchy key chain
See the gusseted sides??

*Memory Foam Changing Pad*
nice for baby and wipes clean!

*Memory Foam Shoulder Strap*
so super comfy...ahHhhh...and NON slip!

*Metal Feet*
so bag doesn't get scuffy

*Rhinestones adds some flare!*
who doesn't like bling??

*Super Strong Hardware*
wont break on you...last forever!

*Awesome stroller clips*
so easy to use on every stroller

Well- thats it. Hope you are totally convinced to go get your hands on a Ju-Ju-Be! I just love carrying mine...after being scruffy and spit up on all day its nice to have something just for mommy. Thanks Ju-Ju-Be!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks Tera!!

I feel like a have a new toy! (or a new diaper bag! lol) Miss Tera from A Little Bit of TLC has so graciously put together this brand new blog for me with help from Jenn's Blog Kit at Shabby Miss Jenn. Tera has been working so hard just for little old me and I must say it feels so nice to know there are awesome girls out there like Tera. :o) I met her in the Ju-Ju-Be Pink Room and now over (what feels like thousands) of emails I feel like I know the girl so much more. ;o) Go check out her blog and say hello!

So...thanks Tera! You are awesome!

And to everyone else- Hope you enjoy the new layout...I'm so proud of it!

49 years together...

Today we celebrated our Grandparents 49th anniversary in our true unique family style: pizza at Round Table! Tee was nice to sit around and hang out with everyone. I really do love having a large family. We're close. Its beautiful. Out of 15 or so siblings between the two of them, my grandparents are the only couple to have managed to stay together. Wow. Thats awesome...

This pic of PaPa J is just too cute not to post. He's coming around to the babes, I think. ;o)

Its all because of these two people that my family is the way that it is. 5 children, 11 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren later...who would have thought a family would still see each other on a regular basis and genuinely enjoy each other? During Thanksgiving time its always tear jerking to hear us all relay our gratitude towards Grams & Gramps for keeping it together all these years. No family is perfect...but I'm thankful to say that I belong to this family.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Push it up, baby!

Okay- last night I started the "one hundred push ups" challenge... found at: I did the initial test and I was unable to even do 5 push ups! Apparently my abs have turned to mush because that is the only part of my body that ached when I did my measly 3 push-ups! And guess what? Today my abs were so sore! 3 push ups...really? I need to get back in shape...indeed.

So today I had 5 children in my care. An 8, 4, & 3 year old, and an 8 & 9 month old. Wow is all I can say. I thrive in chaos. I was quite proud of how our day went and how clean my kitchen stayed. Nobody one went missing...I think thats a great feat! I sure do have respect for all you moms of 5+ kiddos, thats for sure! Here's a pic of my beautiful, hectic day! :oD

Monday, July 14, 2008

I really don't like this plant that is in front of our house- so I decided to take a picture of it to make me see it from a different perspective. I think its very bright and has a very young, vibrant look to it.

Isn't it interesting how looking at something from another angle can change the way you think about something?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

9 months in- 9 months out

GG is 9 months old today. She has been out just as long as she was in. As I was nursing her tonight and I just looked at her huge baby body sprawled across my chest and I thought- Dear, Lord...she is not going to be a baby much longer. She woke up a few hours after she went to bed tonight and I just held her close and rocked her back to sleep. She looked so innocent and peaceful there with her cheek smooshed up against the inside of my arm. Then she started screaming. Poor thing is teething, I think.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Do you think its normal?

to miss your precious little baby when she's just asleep in the next room? I consistently miss GG every night after she has been asleep for a few hours. I just want to wake her up and play with her and watch her smile and crack up at the world. She is growing up before my eyes. Its hilarious. She cracks up at the most simple things. She gets this cheesy little smile on her face that just makes my soul giggle.

She is absolutely amazing.

I replay all of the events that brought that little one into existence and I always try to say "I should have done that, or shouldn't have done that.." and then I think....WOW I'm glad it happened the way it did, mistakes and all...because my God I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for her. She adds such substance to my life. Man, being a mom....doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Last night GG saw her first fireworks show last night from Great Grandma and Grandpa's property. She had a wonderful time hanging out with her buddies Little D & Iz. She stayed up later than that little girl has ever stayed up in her life. Poor thing was just loopy by 10 pm. She let momma sleep in until 9 am this morning! Which lead into a wonderful day in the sun at the pool with the cousins. She got in the pool for the first time, and I think I have a swimmer on my hands. That child did not want to get out of that pool. It was so great.

I can't help but think of my cousin today who arrived in Afghanistan for a 15 month deployment on Wednesday. With his own little one on the way it makes it all so much more heartbreaking. Today is a good day to think about all the soldiers out there and the families that miss them. We made this "cookie flag" in honor of him this afternoon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to the heart

This morning I did something I haven't done in some time now. I was alone in my room just simply worshiping Him. Its been a long time where I stood still in the glory of God and soaked it in. I had someone coming over and I was supposed to be getting ready for the day but I just stood there worshiping. My goodness, it was so refreshing.

Every week I go to church...heck, most weeks I'm up on stage leading others in worship...But was pure connection with my God. I had forgotten how much I love being in his presence. I've gotten away from it somehow. Isn't wonderful how great his timing is...I mean, just there in my room...listening to music and being inspired by Him. What a great start to a great day.

Oh, and today He reminded me that there isn't anything that He can't do.