Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gonna be a busy day...

Well right now I've got two napping baby girls (well, "napping" is used loosley 'round these parts lately...GG is babbling to herself as we speak...) and in a few hours I'll have a toddling almost-two-year-old here too. I miss delly...so she's gona come visit today with us and we'll have a house full of girls.

But while the wee ones are napping I'll take this time to talk about the latest fun fact in my life. Well...I suppose it depends on what you call "fun". I just started doing the "Real Money Makeover" with Dave Ramsey. I got the audio book and listened to it all in a few days. I tell ya, this man....is a genius. In just a few weeks I feel like I've got so much more peace about my finances than I have in a while. I actually have $$ in the savings account and I'm getting out of debt. Yes! And the best part? I know where my money is going every month...no more asking myself "what the HECK did I spend all that dough on?" (hehe)

So the "fun" for me in following the RMM is that I get to "organize" my $$...yes I'm an organizing, compartimentalizing freak (is that a word?) anyhow...each month when I get paid I take the $$ and deposit whatever I need to pay in bills into my bank (exact amount) and then I deposit a savings for the month as well. Then with the left over cash I divvy it up in my "cash envelopes" I use envelopes for gas, food, entertainment, christmas savings, toiletries, entertainment, clothing...hmm what else? Can't remember- sleep deprived. Anyhow, once the $$ is gone for that particular category, its done! No more spending.

Sounds simple, right? But you know, I actually spend a lot LESS money. There is something about cash that when it leaves your hand it makes so much more of an impact than if you are swiping a card- so in consequence, I spend less.

Anyhoo- thats just one part of the RMM, I look forward to sharing more tidbits with you all later. For now, I must go "de frump" myself. ;o)