Monday, July 21, 2008

Push it up, baby!

Okay- last night I started the "one hundred push ups" challenge... found at: I did the initial test and I was unable to even do 5 push ups! Apparently my abs have turned to mush because that is the only part of my body that ached when I did my measly 3 push-ups! And guess what? Today my abs were so sore! 3 push ups...really? I need to get back in shape...indeed.

So today I had 5 children in my care. An 8, 4, & 3 year old, and an 8 & 9 month old. Wow is all I can say. I thrive in chaos. I was quite proud of how our day went and how clean my kitchen stayed. Nobody one went missing...I think thats a great feat! I sure do have respect for all you moms of 5+ kiddos, thats for sure! Here's a pic of my beautiful, hectic day! :oD


Tera said...

Hi there.

I sent you a couple of PMs through JJB but they are in my Outbox for some reason. If you don't receive my PMs, please send me an email.
jason and tera at gmail dot com