Sunday, July 27, 2008

Spicy Spicy!

So I've had this Be Spicy Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag for about two weeks now. I simply love it. Oh- and did I mention I got it *brand spankin' new* and free? Yep. Cost me zip. zero. zilch.

The wonderful makers of Ju-Ju-Be have something called the "Real Mom Giveaway" instead of giving bags away to celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Demi Moore...they give them away to little 'ol mommas just like me! I've been entering this contest since January and I finally won!! Plus the website where you enter the contest (The Pink Room) has a great group of mommies who swap ideas from a-z, and they are super nice too! Check them out!

So anyhow- this bag- WOW its amazing. If you've never tried a Ju-Ju-Be bag then you must. Great news too...the Pink Room has a forum to buy/sell/trade JJBs and I've found some awesome deals on some great bags! But I was overwhelmed with joy to receive this gem in the mail compliments of Ju-Ju-Be. What a great company. They really love their customers! Their bags are simply to die for. Cute prints (and solids!) and AMAZING features.

My Favorite Features on the "Be Spicy":

*Exterior & Interior that practically cleans itself*
has anti-bacterial agents in it! and bright lining!

*Insulated Bottle/Sippy Pockets*
fits most every sippy

*Great Mommy Pocket!*
which includes: microfiber sunglasses pouch, padded cell phone pocket, stretchy key chain
See the gusseted sides??

*Memory Foam Changing Pad*
nice for baby and wipes clean!

*Memory Foam Shoulder Strap*
so super comfy...ahHhhh...and NON slip!

*Metal Feet*
so bag doesn't get scuffy

*Rhinestones adds some flare!*
who doesn't like bling??

*Super Strong Hardware*
wont break on you...last forever!

*Awesome stroller clips*
so easy to use on every stroller

Well- thats it. Hope you are totally convinced to go get your hands on a Ju-Ju-Be! I just love carrying mine...after being scruffy and spit up on all day its nice to have something just for mommy. Thanks Ju-Ju-Be!


Jeune Girl Crafts said...

Hi Amber, saw your comment on my blog. I would love for you to add me as a link and I'll add you onto mine.

Also, I love your blog layout! Did you do it yourself? I'd hire you in a second to do mine!!!

The Hannan Clan said...

Hi Amber! It's Seansmom from the Pink Room. LOVE the new blog! It's great. Love your music choices too!! Sara Groves has to be one of my all time favorite real, so vulnerable adn packed full of Scripture!