Sunday, November 2, 2008

Single Mommas...

I'm in awe of those that have gone before me. Single moms, that is.  I'm beginning to realize how much support I receive from my friends and family and while I appreciate it so much I'm beginning to feel like I need to fly. The nest, that is. My original plan of three years staying at home with M & D sounded good but I realize that GG and I need a home of our own. We need our own space. Even if its a room that we share together- it'll be ours.

Dave Ramsey keeps telling me I'm making a bad financial decision and that I should stay and save save save.'s how I look at it.

I put myself here. I'm a single mom because of the choices I made. While I'm thankful for the help I've received I no longer am comfortable being supported. I work hard. Really hard. And I want to feel like what I have, I've earned. Everything. That may sound silly. But to me its not. I don't know how soon this is going to take place. I'm looking at in the next 1-6 months though. Six months would be ideal but I'm going to sit and pray on it and if a place opens up that fits us I may jump on it.

We may only be able to afford a room. But with the right roommates (I'm thinking another single mom with a young toddler) then it just might work. As long as GG has common areas to share with another child I think we'd be okay sharing a bedroom.

I'm really scared about this. I don't know exactly why. I suppose it would feel less scary if I was graduated from school and everything but the reality is that wont happen for at least two point five years. Thats too long. I'm scared about GG being completely dependent on me. I know I can do it, thats not what I'm scared of. I guess I'm just scared of the difficulties it will bring.

Well, please pray for me as I consider this new plan.