Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach Day & an annoucement....

Today was quite a day. Our wonderful plan was to go the beach. Well...I'll only give you the highlights:

  •  3 screaming babies in unison in the car.
  • Situating a gazillion things into the car with 3 mommies and 3 babies.
  • shaking steering wheel (apparently brakes needs some work) on the scary road to the beach..
  • Calling AAA to fix the tire just to find they couldn't get to the new tire
  • paying for parking for the wrong beach- no refund.
  • carrying WAY too much stuff with babies in tow on the hot sand
  • Oh, and....the sand.
LOL, quite a day. However once we sat down it was quite pleasant. The babies had a wonderful time. It was GG's first trip to the beach besides on vacation in Oahu, HI. (miss that place...*sigh*)

Okay- so. For the big news. Weeeellllll......I got a job!! You're lookin' at the new Children's minister at my church! I couldn't be more blessed. I'm just ecstatic. I'm looking forward to this so much. Although- I'm a little sad. It hasn't hit me that I will be spending less time with my darling daughter. However the hours are COMPLETELY flexible and I will do my best to be with her and continue to breastfeed for as long as possible. Whew- I'm going to be working 24 hours a week and also taking 15 units this semester! Pray for me! I know I can do this.


Anonymous said...

Screw Wicked now that is a great birthday present!! I'm so happy and proud of you, you are going to be great! Love your cuz Andrew