Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Big Day

Well, GG is napping and I probably won't see her again for another 5 or 6 hours. That will probably be the longest time ever since she's been born. Actually, I'll probably go take one-more-peek before I leave. ;o) Today is my first day of work. I'm not so nervous about work. I'm much more nervous about not being with GG all day. Everyday I get to be there, to hug, to love, to smile back, to care for, to give kisses...and today I'll be in another town...with GG on my mind all day long! But I know she'll (I'll) be fine. I'm excited about going to work and getting started. I've been at the same church for 5 years or so and I'm really comfortable there so I know I'll be fine. I already know what I'm doing today and organizing is my forte' so it'll be great. That, and meetings. Then...home to GG, dinner...and off to school. Wow, a busy day for The Blah Blah Momma today.

Oh.....and its my birthday today. :o) shhHhHhh....



Tera said...


I hope that you had a great day at work! God bless.