Friday, April 10, 2009

Long time no type

I was about to send in my resignation letter to blogger and then I realized I love blogging, and won't let a little dry spell make me quit!

The biggest news around these parts is that as of May 1st, GG and I will be moving in to our first place together. Okay...its not a HUGE move. Actually, its on the same property and I'll still be close enough to grab leftovers from mom's house or grandma's house. BUT. It is a place all our own. We can finally begin to feel like our own family.

I think some people don't realize that we are a FAMILY. I'm not just a single mom. I have a family. Its small. But I do have one. And its going to feel great to be in a place all our own.

Other than that awesome news, the semester is almost over. (thank GOD!) and I'm in the process of applying to an online Christian University. Its actually where I started (at the traditional undergrad) and then went back to the JC to finish up some stuff, now I'll be completing my degree online throught their School of Professional Studies. I have to say, I'm so STOKED. Its going to be great to be able to have a more open schedule and spend more time with my Gorgeous Girl. <3

I'm excited about the future.


War Paint Cosmetics said...

Finally! Glad to see you back! And Glad to hear such good news!