Friday, February 6, 2009

Ah, its been forever.

My dear blog friends. I'm so sorry to say I haven't updated my little bloggy in so long! Here's  a quick update.

Life is Amazing.
GG has 2 more teeth.
GG says between 20-30 words now.
We have entered the world of cloth diapering. (its a blast, I'll post later about that!)
Spring Semester is in full bloom!

GG and I getting ready to leave to go to MOPs today. Its our first meeting of the semester and we haven't been since she was like 7 months old! Can you believe she is almost 7 months old? I can't. I BLOWS my mind. Today we are going to MOPs with A&C and GG's two boyfriends. ;) The two brothers will have a tough time fighting over this child in the future, I think. ;)

As for the life of a single has its moments. I've been really busy with the ministry at the church and God is doing a lot of great things there. I am so blessed to have such an amazing job! But its work. Lots of it! School is great, this semester I'm taking Literature, Math (Ugh!) and Political Systems....(ugh!).

Well, GG is tearing up my room while I type, so I better run. Here's a pic in the meantime!