Thursday, June 26, 2008

You know you were born in the new millenium...

...when mommies no longer buy those photo albums with the sticky pages to stick priceless little mementos of their children's lives. My mom actually used to sew little "covers" for her albums- very crafty, and very cheesy. My daughter will soon realize that I have -some way, some how- recorded almost every moment of her life through facebook, myspace, blogspot, livejournal, and countless other forums I belong to....etc etc... With every online avenue I have to brag about every tiny little milestone or smile my daughter makes she will soon know how muchshe is loved. And she will probably know a great deal about her mother that she didn't know as well. I've come across old pages plastered with information from numerous years ago that I didn't even know was out there still...*sigh* I'll have to do a lot of covering my tracks by the time she learns to read.

She already plays with my laptop. I actually think that she believes it is hers. I made a huge mistake by searching for online baby games for her. Online baby games? Really? Yep. And I'm the type of mother that already lets her infant daughter play computer games. Its all for the greater good. Television I'm opposed to, but whats wrong with the internet? Ah...don't get me going there.

Hopefully Princess GG will subscribe to my blog one day.


Arie Uittenbogaard said...

You write well, bbm. I'm glad you're in the bloggosphere. I'm opposed to TV as well but my little daughter watches it all the time (cartoons). Still I hope she'll grow up to be a reader, like her old man (who's never there). Ah parenthood.