Friday, June 27, 2008

Do you ever?

Just want to snuggle up so close to your little bundle of joy and never let go? There is definitely a bond between child and mother, no doubt. I tend to believe that there is a very unique bond between "single mommy" and child. Its just us. Just us and the world.

Paul says in Corinthians that an unmarried woman is anxious only about the things of God and that a married woman is worried about how to please her husband. While being married can be a wonderful, beautiful thing I'm thankful to have this time with God- alone, to myself. I think its an area its okay to be selfish in. Paul also speaks in the same chapter about how we should be as if we aren't if we aren't parents to say this life is short- we should use our energies to focus on Him- not our own lives. Since we will only be here a short time.


~The Bargain Babe said...

Yes. Whenever ds lets me snuggle I soak it up! Just to feel his skin, hear his breathing...the best thing in the world! And I would bet you are right about the bond between a single mom and her child. :) Extra special and powerful!

Take heart... said...

IO agree, there is a specialness to life being between you and your child...alone facing the world.
Although I eventually married my daughter's father... I reminisce over the days when I was a single mom/student. my girl and I have a special closeness because of it.

Hang tight.